ZD toys

The year 2018 was a huge success for Marvel Studios.  It was from 2018 to 2019, people around the world ( no matter they are marvel fans or not )talked about the movie The Avengers Infinity War. In the same year, ZD toys got their Marvel license. 

Since they got the license, they continually bring us with marvel toys in commemoration of these world's greatest heroes.  But you may don't know that their first batch products were actually more like kids' toys rather than action figures. With 2 years' experience, we can see they really improved their products to the next level.   Their sculpts and paints are far way better than before. I have confidence that they will surpass the ML in the future.  

The items I listed were all tested by myself. And I only listed their new batch products from 2019, because in my opinion, their works from 2019 were the ones worth you to spend over $30 plus 2 weeks waiting. Definitely better than Hasbro. 

You will get the qualified action figures /toys for the ones you love with spending only $30, just imagine how happy they will be.