About Us

First of all, Joetoys is the mother company of The Toys Wave.  The reason we build The Toys Wave is that Joetoys is involvoed in many projects of toys, action figures and statues from 2019.  We intend to put them together, but separate from cosplay business as we've already had so many items in cosplay, and this business itself is different from cosplay as well. 

Joetoys contributed 100% time, passions and skills to the cosplay business, while in this field, they either build the modes, repaints or collect them for sell.  The Toys Wave and Joetoys are sharing the same creative team.

In The Toys Wave, the items you are facing at are mostly made / produced by the artists / factories that who ever worked with Joetoys.  Some are originally made by themselves, some are collaborated with us.  The Toys Wave's job is to collect, compare and choose the qualified product with reasonanble prices for you. Moreover, we sometimes make modifies based on their products. For instance, we repaint the transformers' toys from Hasbro so the colors can be more screen accurate, we build  Tony's heads for the alternations on ZD 7'' scale action figrures;  we help Night Wolves Studio with their 3d modeling works ect.  

You will be able to find some unique toys, action figures and statues that you can hardly find in anywhere else but only in The Toys Wave. Wish you have fun here!

Contact me: thetoyswave@joetoyss.com

Cutomer Service Time: Monday -Friday 8AM to 6PM GMT