Tobey Maguire Spiderman mask 3D Rubber Web Mask Spiderman Mask Cosplay

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The spider web of this Spiderman mask is made with 3D printing technology. You can obviously feel the edges of the spider web. It makes the mask more cinematic and more three-dimensional. We made the same web pattern as you saw in the movie. 

Please know that it's a preorder product. The wait time is 4 months. 

  • Width: 17.5cm
  • Height: 26.5cm
  • Material:  fabric, plastic face shell, 3D printing rubber web
  • Can be Wearable
  • Not including a stand
  • The wait time: 4 months


  • Not including a stand
  • Occasionally, a small part of the rubber net will come off during long way shipping. It's the usual thing and we can be glued to ourselves. Not a quality issue. 
  • This is a handmade product. It may have some traces of production, which is not a quality issue.